Asian Soles

For those that love asian soles and their beauty.

Don't hesitate to sumbmit ladies. =]


I love to relax outside after a walk.

It is funny to see that some guys that are passing by, trying to hide that they are looking at my feet.  But I know it and I tease :)  

One time I had a guy come to sit next to me. I knew what he wanted so after a while I asked if he would mind that I take out my sweaty socks and could massage my feet a bit…

Would you do it?


Early morning and playful today. (posting the full set today)


Such delicious looking tootsies!  Very sexy!  I love these pics!

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The following clips have been discounted for the next 3 days!

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Models: Wendi
and Grace’s student soles are back


What would you do to her ? Haha

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